Yes I see the “| Band Template”, it is an inside running joke and will continue until it doesn’t.

UPDATE: Time for the site is limited do to other projects. Need a poster to keep it going. I no longer use twitter or other social media. Use the contact form.

This blog is just a way for me to collect and put out my thoughts on the Pittsburgh Pirates, the MLB, baseball in general and maybe a bit of other things as well but I will keep it to baseball and try not to stray into other non-sports areas.

Keep in mind this is just an opinion blog. I am not a professional sports writer or a beat reporter, far from it. Unlike some other sites out there I recognize this. While I try to support most of my opinions with facts and data, the information could possibly be translated in multiple ways depending on your point of view. Or I just might have missed something. My opinions are not and end all be all.

I do this at my own cost with my own hosting and a free theme I found out there as who has that kind of time to reinvent the wheel. I would however like to upgrade to the “premium theme” and upgrade my VPS. I may have a donation option or be open for small mostly local advertising should the foot traffic increase. However not at this time.

I have done some posts before for some other sites like Vox, Fansided and on reddit but out side of reddit they leave a bad taste in my mouth as you know they are just taking your content and monetizing it while giving little back. That is fine, people should know this going into it but it doesn’t work for me. If I’m giving my “work” for next to nothing anyway I might as well do it on my own.

Are you currently writing for these sites and unhappy with them? Or maybe you are just a person who would like to get their feet wet with out creating your own site? I will accept writers (aka bloggers) to make posts with the understanding that you won’t be paid with anything at this time other than the satisfaction of spreading opinions. If this is something you are interested let me know in the contact form.