Trade Rumors – Starling Marte and the D-Backs?

The Diamondbacks are a fairly recent addition to the Starling Marte trade rumors and they actually have some useful pieces the Pirates could be interested in. Pirates needs are Catching Pitching and Third Base. In that order and if possible near term.

Catching prospect Daulton Varsho, has some pretty good upside as a player in general, though he might not stick at catcher. But if he where a Pirate, he’d be stuck there as long as possible though maybe platooned out quite a bit for “days of rest”.

Recent MLB call up Zac Gallen would be another nice pickup. His xFIP don’t really support his ERA but seems to have given some pretty decent innings for them last season with full control on his rookie contract.

Another recent call up Jon Duplantier he just got lit up at every level in 2019. Arizona might want to keep him to see if he rebounds still pretty early to give up on him. But if they do could be a nice addition to a deal.

At third base Kevin Cron. Yet another recent MLB call up with project able power from the right side and fair defense at third though probably better suited for first base should the opportunity arise.

None of these players are elite types and a couple flirted bottom 100 type prospects at some point. And its seems that all four could be expendable or otherwise blocked. This From my birds eye not knowing the Diamondbacks team very well

In my opinion makes all four a reasonable possibility. If the Pirates add one or two million for Marte’s salary and buyout or another player like Kela or mid/lower range middle infield prospect, something along those lines It seems fair to me given Marte’s inflated value due to market and the Marte/Marte outfield gimmick. But dropping of Duplantier off the list wouldn’t end the deal for me.