Opinion – What I’m hoping for…

With Bell, Marte, Taillon and Musgrove on other teams the 2021 out look seems depressing but there is still hope. Some pretty good talent is still in the team. With some player rebounds and rookie splashes the team could be looking at getting near .500 in 2021 or at least much better than 2020

This is of course if no other moves are made… and really can’t get much worse in 2021.

Pitching likely is the biggest hole right now. Losing three of the starting rotation hurt and hard to fill in for. Keller and Brault are near sure things out of camp. Kuhl is also another strong possibility. Newly acquired Yajure and Anderson will probably round out the five man. Crowe and Brubaker hanging around as well.

If Keller performs to this potential watch out. Brault continues to get batter as last year he will be a solid mid-rotation guy. Kuhl has always been a back end guy. Yajure looks like he can be a quality mid rotation if not better type and Anderson another back end type but ‘could be’ better.

It doesn’t look like a lights out rotation, but could be near league average.

The pen was disastrous last season. Felipe, Kela, Burdi all gone now. Which leaves Rodríguez as the only “sure” thing for a 7/8/9. if there is going to be any hope for 2021 the remaining relief pitchers on the roster will need to step it up. A bounce back or end of career signing could really help going through those last innings.

Position players look more promising

1B: Bell is gone, Blessing in disguise? Moran should get more playing time at first. Pretty good glove… if the ball is near him. Craig should also get an extended look with Evans there should it hit the fan. Moran can hit, the best hitter on the team in 2021. not saying a lot but well.. he was. Craig has a power bat and an actually not bad first basemen. Evens should NOT be at first. He just has no feel for the position, but in a pinch. I’d be more inclined to try Cruz out there his big body could play nice there if middle infield or outfield isn’t an option.

Middle infield. Fraizer is still here!!! I really don’t expect him to be to start the season but he is now. No one else should be looked at unless he is traded. other wise, E. Gonzales, Tucker, Newman, Kramer and Cruz. Also and extended look at Peguero, Bae and N. Gonzales in spring but they should start at AAA or AA (assuming MiLB happens).

3B: Hayes everyday… when not every day, Moran, Craig, Evans and E. Gonzales in there… who ever is doing best at the time.

C: Stallings, another one that has a slim chance of not being here in ’21. He will be the primary guy. who is behind him that is a big question. Been brought in a bunch of backstops.. one of them should be a fair backup. (Sign Russell please!)

OF: Reynolds of course will be out there. Polanco, if he can keep healthy will be there. After that we run into some problems. Alford was having a nice breakout before season ending injury. He should be the leading candidate in spring. Recently acquired Goodwin looks like he has the makings to be a solid outfielder. Swaggerty and Mitchell will likely be here at some point when the situation fits.

There you have it. Out side of the bull pen they have a roster that “could” get them to .500. There are A LOT of questions on if these players are up to it yet though.

Either way what happens in 2021 will be defining what happens in 2022 and ’23.