Trade Rumor – Rich-Rod to the Jays

Richard Rodríguez is one of the better bull pen arms available in the trade market, but what exactly is his value and what would the Jays give up for him.

Pirates catching needs are still there, but they also need more power and you can never have enough pitching. The Jays have quite a bit of this available but a non-elite bull pen arm isn’t going to bring elite value. So what could we expect?

Gabriel Moreno is obviously the top of the Pirates wish list. He is one of the top prospect catchers in baseball and a four tool player. If it where a straight up trade, it would be a tough sell. Ben’s mentality is to go for the best quality instead of quantity, so it is possible it might be considered but not likely.

So what is a more realistic sell? In this case we are looking at one quality and fringy prospect(s). Riley Adams, Nick Allgeyer, T.J. Zeuch and Will Robertson seem like good targets.

Catcher Riley Adams has seen some MLB time this season. He has a fair power bat and quality defense may give him the ability to be an everyday catcher. If received in a trade he will likely go straight to AAA to keep his service time down unless there is an injury

Lefty Pitcher Nick Allgeyer isn’t all that exciting but does fill a void of no starting lefties out side of Brault. He has a quality fast ball and good control. Suggests he will be a pen arm, but if he can improve his secondary pitches there is a chance he could make it as a starter. He too has seen some time in the MLB this season, and would likely start out at AAA if traded mainly to see if starting is a real possibility.

Pitcher T.J Zeuch is another not all that exciting but could be a potential starter. has a couple good pitches and passible secondary. His game is a soft contact type. With the much improved infield defense he maybe a good fit. He also seen some time at the MLB Level.

Outfielder Will Robinson, power is the name of his game. If it translates to pro ball his left handed power could play nicely in PNC

So what would be a good trade? Adams, Allgeyer and Robinson. Fills three Pirates needs and is reasonable given Rich-Rods value. Other inclusions like Crick or Stanton could also be possible as they are in a “sell high” state.