Opinion – What to expect from Adam Frazier in 2020

In 2019 Adam Frazier went from a super utility player to the every day second basemen and he excelled at it.

One of the biggest criticisms of Adam before the 2019 season was that his defense was pretty poor. The fact of the matter is his infield defense wasn’t all that bad pre-2019. His outfield defense though, wasn’t too hot but not the worst for a decent hitting super utility player.

In 2019 though, playing second base every day greatly improved his defense numbers. Middle infield is his natural location so him playing there everyday is where you want him. He finished third in the NL Gold Glove voting for second base, the numbers support his candidacy. His 300+ innings at second base in 2018 also support those numbers.

The down side to Adam in 2019 was that his bat regressed a little bit but not really enough to cause a lot of concern. He drove the ball a bit less which lead to fewer doubles and home runs. The home runs do not concern me so much but the fewer doubles (per plate appearance) does to a small degree. especially with the juiced ball.

One problem is that he has been hitting in the lead off spot, for lack of a better option. Adam should not be in the lead off spot so much. He is more a two or bottom of the order guy. While he can hit and get on base, he would be better suited driving another player to second or third.

What can we expect? Likely a slightly better bat. Few more doubles couple less strike outs +/- if he plays in another part of the lineup. This would put him at a slightly above average bat and similar defense at second base.

Basically a bit better than 2019 which is pretty good for an every day starter. This gives him a bit of trade value and with Kevin Newman and Cole Tucker wanting time there is a fair chance he could end up with another team by the 2020 deadline.