Free Agent Target – Russell Martin

Now that all the other free agent catching options are off the table the next best thing for the Pirates in the free agent pool is Russell Martin.

Russell hasn’t put up the best numbers in recent years. His bat is no where near his last season in Pittsburgh. His defense has also took quite a big hit in recent years. However his playing time has been cut quite a bit as well.

In the playing time he did get, his defense still was pretty good. Not the best in the league any more but definitely but well good enough to be a quality backup.

His batting average was Mendoza line last year but he still does get on base a fair amount. Which isn’t the worst thing. As long as it doesn’t get worse, the team could do much worse.

If Russell want to continue playing he would be a fair option for the Pirates, A good defensive backup you wouldn’t mind putting out there extended periods. A good team mate and experience that would help the Pitchers and Catchers both. He was also a fan favorite when he was here.

Any deal under $5M with some sort of option vesting or team is acceptable. As a defensive back up of his quality and popularity is worth it.

The only other option is to pick up an MLB catcher in trade and that doesn’t look likely, going for a prospect catcher is more likely.