Opinion – What Now?

With pretty much all the free agents that would be the best fit for the Pirates. What now?

There are two options. One trade Starling Marte to fill those positions of need for 2020, 2021. Or SELL, SELL, SELL.

To fill those positions of need the best trade partner would be the Cubs as I talked about earlier. The Cubs need a quality center fielder who can give some production on both sides of the ball. The Pirates need a third basemen and catcher with some control, which the Cubs can spare in Happ and Caratini.

Happ just couldn’t stay in the majors last season being blocked by other players and will likely continue in 2020 unless the Cubs make other major changes like trading Bryant. Even if they do, Happ isn’t much of a third basemen but his fielding has to be better than Moran. Happ also has more offensive potential and speed.

Caratini as well, isn’t the best catcher but he and Stallings would likely make a great combo. A switch hitter with a bit of power and not the worst defense would be a nice platoon.

Both have long term control, both have replacements coming up through the system. Cubs can spare them.

With the Cubs payroll in question the Pirates would need to add more value. Likely in the way of the Pirates paying a good portion of Marte’s salary. Something along the lines of half of the guaranteed money +/-. So around 6M.

Depending how much the Pirates pay they may want some more value in controlled players. Likely would require more pieces moving around but would be a quality baseball move for both sides.

There are other teams that might be able to give similar MLB or near MLB ready players, but the Cubs look like the best option for the Pirates.

Now the other options is to sell. I’m not talking about Marte, Archer, Bell. I mean every one. Bell, Frazier, Newman, Reynolds, Marte, pretty much the whole pitching staff, etc…

If they’re not getting MLB ready for 2020/21 then there is no real point. By the time what ever they get is ready most of those players would be gone or going into a contract year.

Sell, push for 2025 and hope climate change or Iran hasn’t wiped us out by then.