Trade Rumors – Revisiting Marte to the Mets

Starling Marte trade rumors continue, again with the Mets. Revisiting a trade options is often fun.

Brandon Nimmo should be off the table. Brandon has great upside but only has one more year of control than Marte and has battled injuries. The only reason Ben should consider him is if he is betting on his health and try to trade him mid or off season for more return. This time we are taking Alvarez off the table as well, looking for more immediate contributors.

Matthew Allan – RHP – ETA – 2023 – Not a high floor for his makeup but a pretty high ceiling.

Franklyn Kilome – RHP – ETA 2020 – stretched as a starter in the minors, but should be at least a bull pen arm. Time table maybe set back due to injury.

David Peterson – LHP – ETA 2020 – projected back end rotation with plus control that will work out very well if/when automated strike zones are going.

Patrick Mazeika – C – ETA 2019 – offensive minded catcher that needs to clean up behind the plate but should hit the majors soon and the Pirates need another catching option.

Dominic Smith – 1B – MLB – Quality first base defense, fair offensive potential with lots of control. Outfield defense is scary but in a pinch throwing him out there to keep his bat in play is not the worst. If Bell is still on the team put Dom at first move Bell back to right field.

Pretty much the requirement would be all of the above. Smith and Allan as the primary pieces, would be required as well as Peterson and Kilome. Mazeika due to being near ready and Pirates in desperate need for catchers.

Something like this would might be pretty fair for both sides. Given none of the prospects are top prospects.

I have a feeling much of the Marte talks might be a smokescreen to start a bidding war as the Mets simply don’t have the higher quality that would be ideal. Another possible situation is a three team trade. I don’t want to wrap my brain around possible options there.

Updated: ETA’s from mlb pipeline, values estimated through fangraphs