Opinion – Marte, Dbacks trade what to do now?

As was predicted all off season, Marte was traded to a team that already has a Marte. Cool story bro, but many of us are not happy with it.

Well of course there is not wanting to see Starling go. There is also the lack of near future quality returning back from the trade.

The Pirates biggest need both at the MLB level and in the pipeline has and continues to be catcher. With the FA market pretty much cleaned out of mid to top ranked catchers the only way to get anything would be through a trade and Marte was the only valuable enough trade piece to make it happen.

Instead they got two quality prospects who are under 20 and have hardly no professional time under their belt. I’m sure they got talent but they do not fit at all with the core they got now timeline wise, nor positioning.

This would be a decent trade if they’re time table wasn’t so far out. But it is, it is done. The worst part? We are paying some of his salary. (likely for the Int bonus money)

Not worth complaining about it now. Now its time to move on with what we do have.

To that end, with out some major finagling by Ben and crew, there just isn’t much hope right now. I’m really not sure if I’ll continue this site, but it just might be an early sign of the Pirates depression that everyone but me has always had.

We will see if Ben pulls of something crazy. If so, Great! if not… well… i’m just not going to sit here and post stuff about something I don’t have an interest in.

We will see what Ben does but so far all hes done for the mlb team is hire coaches.