Opinion – MLB Players and Owners are not special

MLB players and owners are making it so baseball will not start in 2020, or will it? They’re not special or unique when the world is on fire as it is.

Millions on Millions of people in this country have been laid off or other wise put out of work. This includes MLB Players and it is horrible all around.

Millions of busineses have been shut down or are just gone altogether.

These Americans have or are receiving a lot of help from various sources to keep their personal ship a float so they can feed their families and not lose their homes.

MLB Players did not need this but yet they still received this funding due to a great deal of money during this time. In most cases no where near their full salary but compared to Sharon who was working three jobs to pay for her kids college.. those MLB players had it made. Even MiLB players got paid fairly well, its not a lot compared to the MLB players as typical but still they got paid.

MLB Teams where less hit by this, but continued to pay players a portion of their salary MUCH more than the average American.

Thankfully both Players and Teams have put some time and money in to helping those in need. So thank you for that.

Now that we are reopening the country slowly but surely Americans are getting called back to work. Many with pay cuts or reduced hours but working is working and most are grateful. Baseball players being called back are as well. Here is where it starts to get tricky.

The MLB Players Union and Owners cannot agree on how much to players should be paid for the rest of the season. There are a lot of complications here but for me the answer is simple.

Players… suck it up. Everyone is hurting right now. You are not special. MLB Owners Suck it up, even with the shut down you an afford to pay more than your proposal.

You know what happens to the average person when they get called back and don’t show? First they lose their unemployment and sometimes other welfare benefits. Next they lose the job they once had. There are few exceptions to this rule.

MLB needs to set a hard date for opening day. Teams need to set a hard date for training. Players need to show up. If teams or players do not show. Suspend them with out pay until 2021.

If teams do not have enough players to show have tryouts with exclusively with A,AA and Independent players of their affiliates and those who make it pay them non-prorated league minimum. This isn’t a strike, there is no reason to strike at this point. These players are not “SCABS” they are players who want to play. Want a job and want to feed their families. With the added bonus of showing what they got.

Along those lines. If a current MLB player wants to willingly give up their spot the rest of the season. Give them a greater portion of their contracted salary. It would still cost less for the teams but everyone wins to a point.

But at any rate that’s just my opinion. I want new baseball not watching the Pirates losing seasons on TV.

Meet in the middle guys. Just do it. The world is on fire, its not your fault its not MLB’s it just is. We have all made sacrifices willingly or not during this time. You are not special. Just like after 9/11 you can help bring America out of despair.

Thank you for reading my rant.